The ‘Modular Box’ – born by a long-term R&D project – embraces the watch in its integrity for the total protection, to preserve with respect the unique and exclusive values of the passion for watches.

The benefits of the ‘Modular Box’ have economic aspects, like the possibility for its re-use and the possibility to reduce the logistic costs thanks to the light weight and the minimal volume.

Test new materials periodically is been the key for developing the box with a raw material characterized from an optimal coefficient of hardness, in able to be highly resistant at impacts and UV-rays, but also graceful with a soft-touch sensation

Scat OKK

Product advantages

totally transparent

immediate visibility of the watch contained in recipients, safes and security boxes

principal slot for the chassis

flexible tightener for the watchstrap

internal L-R slots for warranty and authenticity certificates

top section openable with personalized logo and barcode

strengths of the material: anti-shock, soft-touch, UV-rays resistance, no release polluting substances with noble metals

modular structure for the joint in six directions: front, back, left, right, top and bottom

save the insurance and logistic costs, thanks to low-weight and minimal volume

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