The ‘Integral Protection’ for Rectangular Case guarantee a total protection for the watch versus scratches and shocks, during its realization in atelier or its interventions in reparation and maintenance.

Aside at the resistent chassis unibody with anti-shock reliefs, the research of excellence and perfection has resulted at using a new material able to be also soft-touch and transparent lucid, to assure always the complete visibility of quadrant, chassis and registration number. The application mechanism patented permits an enclosure simple, stable and removable; easy to re-open it thanks to the appendix immediately under.

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It can be re-used in more production cycles and personalized in shapes, colors and with own logo. Furthermore, the ‘Integral Protection’ is also adapts for the consumer that desires preserve the watch in the safe box or take it with him in situations exposed at scratches and shocks.

Product advantages

total cover of the watch surface

protects the surface versus scratches and shocks

realized with unibody chassis

transparent surface for the visibility of the watch

includes at least one protuding relief from the border for preventing the contact of the transparent section with flat surfaces

closure with anchoring elements stable and removable

surface portions elastically deformable for inserting the watch

linking elements present a prominence and a relative seat

realized in hi-tech soft plastic that not releases polluting substances with noble metals

personalizable in shapes, colors and with own logo

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